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Diabetes Essentials

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Tips & Recipes to Manage Type 2 Diabetes

Authors: Karen Graham, Dr. Mansur Shomali

Editor: Janice Madill, BSW, BSc, Easy English, for Diabetes Essentials

Did you just find out you have type 2 diabetes? Diabetes Essentials answers all your first questions.



This book is colorful, easy-to-read and a great place to learn about type 2 diabetes. Each topic is broken into 10 key points. For instance, 10 ways to bring down your morning blood sugar and 10 steps to manage your stress. You'll also find 10 quizzes to test yourself, such as Diabetes Do’s and Don’ts, and a bonus section of home-tested recipes for soups, salads, dinners, desserts and snacks. This book gives you a wealth of up-to-date information. Complete with beautiful photos and delicious food ideas, it is designed to help you manage your diabetes.



  • Top-ten tips on important diabetes topics

  • Stunning photos and design guide you through the topics

  • Delicious and easy recipes: 10 soups, 10 salads, 10 dinners, 10 desserts and 10 snacks

  • 10 quizzes to reinforce valuable diabetes information


ISBN#  978-0-7788-0631-8

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