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Diabetes Books Privacy Policy

Diabetes Books is an Operating Name of Durand & Graham, Ltd. Karen Graham’s husband’s last name is Durand. As for the Graham part, well, that is for Karen Graham! We Operated As Paper Birch Publishing from 1997-2019. Diabetes Books is our new name.


A large part of our product distribution (packaging and shipping) is done by PrairieView Press who adhere to our Privacy Policy for our customer orders.


How do we collect and use your information?

  1. Conferences: This is one of Karen’s favorite places to meet diabetes educators and people with diabetes. You may see Karen presenting or at a booth. At this venue, you may share your mailing address and email with us and agree to be on our mailing list.

  2. Through Social Media Sign-on: If you like our blogs, or Social Media posts, you may sign up to join our email mailing list.

  3. Customer: As a buyer, we will add your name, address, phone number, fax number, band number and email to our mailing list. We do not keep your credit card number.


We do not collect browser information on our website. Specifically, we have not purchased website tracking technology. We do not collect or store IP addresses, location data, your visits, or other cookies that are either personally identifiable information or unique identifiers.


Why we contact you:

To keep in touch, to tell you about diabetes news, our new diabetes resources and any sales and specials.


How often will you hear from us?

We respect your privacy. We can assure you if you sign up to be on our mailing list, you won’t be contacted more than four times a year.  Health Centres only may receive a once or twice a year phone call.


How will you hear from us?


Email or Mail: We are always available to answer your questions or provide help with ordering. Contact karen@diabetesbooks.ca


Postal Mail: This means a letter from us, the kind with a stamp on it that arrives in your mailbox!

Text and Fax: We do not send out bulk text messages or bulk fax messages. You can send your completed order form to our distributor by fax at 1-866-480-0253.

Phone calls to health educators: Our phone line is always open. You can call us if you have questions. If we aren’t in, leave a message and we’ll call you back. To place an order, you can call our distributor at 1-866-477-7377, and you can reach Diabetes Books directly at 1-250-707-3762 or karen@diabetesbooks.ca

When we contact you by phone, it’s also to see if you want to place an order and if you’d like any help with filling out an order form. Filling out Order Forms and ordering online can be daunting — we are here to help!

Option to unsubscribe: This option is at the bottom of every bulk email sent out. If you would like to unsubscribe from the post mail list, please let us know and we will remove your name immediately. Different people like different ways to communicate — if you don’t want to receive any phone calls, you can let us know.

We will never sell or share our email or mailing list. If in the future, we choose to collaborate with another company, we will seek your permission to see if you are interested. If you get something odd that is not from karen@diabetesbooks.ca, please delete it!

We are not responsible for the content or privacy practices of external sites, third party apps or your chosen internet browser. We carefully control the security of our computers but cannot fully control for illegal hackers. As mentioned earlier, we do not keep any credit card information on our computers. The third party organisations that place cookies, including your browser (such as Google), Ozone, data management providers and the third party companies who pay for advertising and analytics services using this information will have their own privacy policies.

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