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to provide the best resources for diabetes


into the how and why they joined forces

A Canadian Dietitian working in Kelowna, British Columbia connects via the internet with an American Endocrinologist working in Baltimore, Maryland, 4,400 km (2,700 miles) away. When Karen began the revision process of Complete Diabetes Guide and Diabetes Cookbook, she realized the importance of creating a bridge between her Canadian and American readers and also strengthening the medical knowledge in the book due to rapidly changing diabetes care and technology.


During her research, Karen read one of Dr. Shomali’s published medical articles and valued his patient-centred approach. She also learned he was highly regarded by his colleagues and patients in his medical practice. Karen mailed him a copy of the Guide, and he replied by email, “It is really fantastic. I love the approach you have taken, the illustrations, and the practical advice. I totally agree with you that a future version needs to include the latest regarding diabetes medications, which is one of my favorite subjects. I would hope to be more than a reviewer.”  From this beginning came an important partnership on all three books. Karen brings her passion for nutrition and making sure the books are easy-to-read, and Dr. Shomali brings his broad medical expertise to ensure everything is up-to-date.

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