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The Kelowna Daily Courier

Canada's Other Health Crisis

Barb Aguiar, Nov 17, 2020

Canada has another health crisis going on right now, says a registered dietitian and certified diabetes educator from West Kelowna.

“It's escalating at such an incredible rate,” said Karen Graham, who recently co-authored three books on living with diabetes with endocrinologist Dr. Mansur Shomali.

“There’s so much focus right now on COVID, but at the same time, diabetes isn’t slowing down. Approximately one in nine Canadians has diabetes. A good chunk of those people don’t even know they have diabetes.”

The first book by Graham and Shomali is Diabetes Essentials, a starter book for people when they first find out they have Type 2 diabetes.

It answers questions without overwhelming the reader and includes 50 easy diabetes recipes.

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