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Christmas Gifts for Diabetics

Updated: Dec 5, 2020

Here is my list of some healthy and fun gift ideas for kids, youth and adults with diabetes—or for diabetes prevention. These gifts might encourage being active or doing home cooking, or help develop hobbies and interests that take us away from sitting and over-snacking.

If you live in Canada, when ordering a suggested gift link, select the Canadian flag in top right corner.

Online links are provided for ideas but wherever possible PLEASE SHOP LOCAL .


Healthy Christmas gifts for kids

· a gardening gift basket, with a trowel, kid-size gardening gloves, and vegetable seeds

· books on animals, birds, insects, weather and stars such as the Little Kids First Big Book of Space

· Lego and Duplo, playing cards and games

· baseball bat, mitt and ball

· pool toys: water wings, a pool noodle, or a set of flippers, mask and snorkel

· bath, beach or sandbox toys: plastic buckets and shovels

· bicycles, tricycles and wagons

· fishing gear: tackle and poles

Always, the best gift you can give your child is your time – no matter the gift, play with them, listen and keep talking.

Healthy Christmas gifts for youth

· easy star-watching app on your phone or tablet: SkyView

· Frisbees and ultimate discs in different styles and colors, the Discraft 175 Gram Ultra Star Sport Disc is rated high, check out this promotional video of how to use it. And remember this is fun for girls too; learn some techniques.

· tickets to mini-golf or golf driving range

· a good pair of walking or gym shoes, SportChek is a Canadian company that has a variety of options or try ASICS, an American shoe brand

· exercise bike or a treadmill

· mountain bike

· gear for hiking or camping: Mountain Equipment Coop is a Canadian store that carries great products, known fondly in Canada as MEC

· family kayaks or canoe, find a selection at Canadian Tire or check out American outdoor stores stores

· carpentry tools or art supplies

· musical instrument: a drum or a band instrument

Healthy Christmas gifts for adults

Gifts costing under $25

· water bottle (free of chemicals like BPA) or a screw top S’well Stainless Steel Water Bottle

· exercise equipment such as hand weights or resistance bands

· recreation tickets to skate, go the gym or swim at your local recreation center or arena

· diabetes socks with loose bands such as Walmart’s Active Pro Diabetic Socks US or Canada

· warm outdoor mitts, here is a list the best thermal gloves

· travel items such as travel pillow rated here, travel blanket or warm travel socks.

· stylish hat for sun protection

· hand and foot cream

· coupons for a backrub or foot massage

· massage oil or a tube of personal lubricant (for an intimate partner)

· neck bean bag to reduce sore muscles (microwave to heat up or put in the freezer to cool down)

· drinks gift basket: herbal tea, low-calorie drink mixes, and light hot chocolate

· herbs gift basket: of low-sodium spice blends to shake on salmon, chicken, meat and vegetables

· scrapbooking materials

· diabetes books: check out the Robert Rose collection of diabetes books.

· Sheet music for the musician in the family

Gifts costing $30-$100+

· CPR lifesaving kit or cover the fee for a basic CPR training course (great gift for a loved one of someone with diabetes). Contact your local Red Cross organization US or Canada.

· Camelbak backpack to carry water while hiking

· insulin travel cooler bags to keep your insulin at the right temperature when travelling

· gardening gift basket: with a trowel, gardening gloves and vegetable seeds

· popcorn popper; I’ve had the Cuisinart Popper for over ten years, I love it and it makes awesome popcorn with just a little oil added.

· non-stick frying pan

· cutting board or serving boards; large beautiful selection at Bed Bath and Beyond

· fruit bowls such as these modern bowls listed in Top 10 Best Fruit Bowls in 2020 Reviews; for a traditional material bowl perhaps a wooden bowl see Foodal’s Guide to Choosing a Wooden Salad Bowl; a fair trade woven basket bowl from around at Ten Thousand Villages; or a Canadian birch bark basket

· tablecloth or place mats

· Health and Wellness Series; the full set of our books Amazon US or Amazon Canada

· leggings or bike shorts such as these bamboo ones or women from Blue Sky Clothing (women and men’s clothing) or Torrid plus-size options (women’s only).

· sports bag for the gym or pool and special towel

· mini-peddler for less active senior, rated here

· Nordic walking sticks; check out the Urban Walking Poles.

· gym membership: a one month trial

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