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Continuous Glucose Monitors are Smaller and Better

For decades, people with type 1 and type 2 diabetes have been asked to do finger sticks in order to self-monitor their blood glucose. This was very important, particularly for people dosing insulin. CGM devices have given people another option. When a person with diabetes wears a CGM, they can know what their glucose level is at all times without the need to do a finger stick. The first versions of CGM devices where not as accurate as using a blood glucose meter and were bulky and uncomfortable. The latest versions of these devices are much improved.

The Dexcom G7

The Dexcom G7 replaces the Dexcom G6. The only people who need to stay on the G6 are those who use a Tandem or Omnipod automated insulin delivery device (insulin pump). They don’t work with G7 just yet. Just like the G6, the G7 works with a dedicated reader or can send data to an app on your smart phone. The G7 is smaller than the G6 and has a built-in transmitter. In the older system, there was a separate bulky transmitter that had to be plugged into the sensor and needed to be replaced every 3 months.

FreeStyle Libre 3

The latest version of the FreeStyle Libre is really small and thin. It replaces the FreeStyle Libre 2, which could not send the actual glucose value to the reader or to your phone. To see your glucose data, you had to scan the sensor with the reader or phone. The new Libre 3 eliminates scanning! The company says it has improved accuracy as well.

Which CGM system is best?

The answer is that both the Dexcom G7 and the FreeStyle Libre 3 are great systems and will make it easier to manage your diabetes. The Dexcom system has eliminated the need for a separate transmitter. Its sensors last 10 days. The Libre 3 has eliminated scanning. Its sensors last 14 days. Both systems are very similar now. Before deciding, I suggest you look at the images on the company web sites, check coverage with your insurance company, and try a sample from your doctor’s or diabetes centre office.

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