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Diabetes Podcast - 2 part Interview

Updated: Nov 7, 2021

Dr. Shomali interview with Diabetic Savvy

This DiabeticSavvy Podcast interview with Dr. Shomali, endocrinologist, is an absolute must listen to interview by EVERYONE with type 2 diabetes.

This interview is a two-part series on Diabetic Savvy podcasts. Listen to both!

Dr. Shomali says, “We are in a new era of medicine where our ideas about how to treat people with diabetes and the tools that we use to treat people with diabetes is really transforming what we do every day. This COVID-19 situation has given us so much clarity on exactly what we have to do for our patients even during these difficult times.”

He talks about leading edge medical recommendations from endocrinologists and experts who review the clinical evidence and provide regular updates to reflect new data that is coming in so quickly.

Dr. Shomali talks about the latest approaches to treating type 2 diabetes. He talks about two parallel streams of treatment. He says, “Interventions have to be focused on reducing the cardiovascular risk as well as risks related to high blood sugars. How do we keep patients well and healthy and without complications, living longer and happier lives—that’s really the important thing.”

He also talks about technology and diabetes. Dr. Shomali, says “A lot of the technology has been about measuring glucose but there are sensors that are going to be able to measure other things down the road that are in development that will be helpful to people with type 2 diabetes.”

“In 2020 and 2021 we now have treatments that reduce the cardiovascular complications that we never had before.” Read about how the national guidelines are now changing.

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