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Diabetes Technology in Primary Care

Dr. Mansur Shomali, guest editor for the recent edition of the American Diabetes Association (ADA) Clinical Diabetes journal on diabetes technology.

Link to read my ADA article for health care providers.

I describe the quadruple aim in health care: better care, better health, lower costs and improving the work life of clinicians. In the article I talk about ways to capture the benefits of diabetes technology while at the same time addressing patient and physician technology burnout. I identify the need for improvement in the EMR (electronic medical record) to facilitate better use of the technology. This ADA journal edition has featured articles on self-blood glucose monitoring, CGM Time in Range, insulin dosing, and challenges and rewards of implementing diabetes technology in primary care.

This edition of the journal is a great read for doctors and other health care providers. Get your cup of coffee and sit down for some good learning and food for thought.

What are your challenges and/or solutions with diabetes technology?

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