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Five common questions about our Health & Wellness Series

1) Do I need to buy all three books in the series?

No, many people who just want an easy small book to answer those first questions, buy Diabetes Essentials. Others just want help with meal planning, so buy the Cookbook. And those that have had diabetes for a while and want more detailed information about how to best look after their diabetes, buy the Guide. They are however designed as a beautiful series. Each book has unique and helpful information and different recipes.

2) Are the calorie levels of the meal plans the same in the cookbook and the guide?

Yes! The small meals have 250 calories for breakfast, 400 for lunch and 550 for dinner.

The large meals have 370 calories for breakfast, 520 for lunch and 730 for dinner.

You can mix and match meals between the books.

3) I’m carb counting, are the carb levels in the books appropriate for me?

Yes! It will of course depend on the meal size you choose. The carbs will fit into a healthy diet as recommended by Diabetes Canada and the American Diabetes Association. In all three books, carbs are listed for every food on the menu and for every recipe. Based on your carb goals you can choose more or less of different items at each meal. Some families with a child with type 1 diabetes write the carb numbers with a felt pen right on the life size photos!

4) I have an old copy of your cookbook and guide, are these new editions that different?

Diabetes recommendations always change based on new research, so I do recommend you update to the new editions. For these books I partnered with Dr. Shomali as co-author. He is a diabetes doctor (endocrinologist) and is a professor of medicine as well as a doctor in a busy diabetes clinic, so he has contributed his up-to-date knowledge. Even some of the recipes are updated from the earlier versions, for example, because of reduced sodium and carbohydrate recommendations.

What is NEW in Diabetes Cookbook:

· Updated nutrient information for people with type 2 or type 1 diabetes: Carbohydrate and total carbohydrate is now included for every meal item. This way if you use an app to keep track of your carbs, you can quickly insert your carb numbers. You can also more easily adapt your meal to fit your needs.

· Several new breakfast meals including the easy and delicious Tuna Scramble and Spinach and Eggs. The life-size photos of complete meal plans and the Eat This—Not That section remain the core of the book.

What is NEW in Complete Diabetes Guide:

· Information has been updated to the 2018 Diabetes Canada Clinical Practice Guidelines as well as the American Diabetes Association’s 2019 Standards of Medical Care in Diabetes.

· Section on new technologies: Continuous Glucose Monitors, diabetes apps and more.

· New beautiful colour photographs.

· This book is a comprehensive resource for type 2 diabetes.

Did you think it was not possible for this Cookbook and Guide to get better? — They just did!

5) Can the books be used in both Canada and the United States?

Yes! Dr. Shomali is an American physician so he made sure that all information in the books was consistent with the American Diabetes Association’s Standards of Medical Care in Diabetes, and I am Canadian and made sure the information was consistent with Diabetes Canada’s Clinical Practice Guidelines. All blood sugar levels are provided in both US and Canadian measuring systems, and recipes are in standard and metric measures, so can also be used in the UK, Indian and Australia!

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