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Indigenous Positive Thinking Posters

Shannon Spence, the Tribal Diabetes Coordinator and her team at Interlake Reserves Tribal Council (IRTC) in Manitoba (Canada) developed and printed a set of ten beautiful posters for distribution within their communities. Jurgen Valiquette, from Berens River did the design for IRTC.

Diabetes Books was pleased to participate in the project; we provided all the copyright text for the posters from the “Staying Upbeat” chapter of Complete Diabetes Guide (2020, Robert Rose).

Way to go Shannon and IRTC!

The poster themes are:

  • Talk it out

  • How to bring laugher into your life

  • Have fun! Do things you enjoy!

  • It's okay to let it out sometimes

  • Why laughter is good for your health

  • Do you sometimes "overthink" things?

  • A good hearty laugh can help your health

  • Think in healthy ways

  • Laughter, the forgotten medicine

  • Keep learning

Think about these ten ways to be more positive and try one today!

FREE GIVE AWAY: WIN a set of these beautiful posters by logging on to my Diabetes Books Facebook Page, Click below, and entering the contest.

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