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Mindful Eating QUIZ

Take this quick quiz to become aware of where and when you eat. This can help you become more aware (mindful) about how you eat, which in turn can help you cut back on portions:

Ask yourself these ten questions about where and when you eat your meals?

1. Do you usually eat your main meal of the day about the same time? Yes/No

2. Do you eat regular healthy snacks? Yes/No

3. Do you usually not eat after 9:00 PM at night? Yes/No

4. Do you eat breakfast? Yes/No

5. Do you eat at the table for most of your main meals? Yes/No

6. Do you rarely eat in front of the TV or computer device, or while on your cell phone? Yes/No

7. Do you eat meals while in the car less than twice a month? Yes/No

8. Do you eat fast food processed meals less than once a week? Yes/No

9. Do you eat in restaurants less than twice a month? Yes/No

10. Do you sip on water throughout your meal? Yes/No

Count up your “Yes” answers, the more yes answers you got, the better; 6-8 is fair and 9-10 is a great score. Take a look at your “No” answers and ask yourself, “Is there a change that could help me be more mindful of how I eat?”

We are often distracted by TV, computers and cell phones when we eat. We are distracted when we drive and eat. And we are distracted by activities around us when we eat out. When you are distracted, you may overeat and not even realize it.

Diabetes Essentials has 10 easy steps for Mindful Eating. Sold at all bookstores and online.

In the comments feel free to share what has helped you be more mindful when you eat? In what ways has this helped you?

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