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Best Home Exercise Videos

For ALL fitness levels. Let’s get moving!

Why exercise? Karen Graham, RD, CDE says exercise is the best medicine. It helps your insulin work better and bring down your blood sugar.

  1. Walk indoors – Walk at Home. Nick 1 Mile! by Nick Drago.

  2. Use an exercise bike at home and cycle along as you watch this video called Garmin 30 Minute Cycling Training through Italy! A recumbent stationary bike has a wide, padded seat that is more comfortable.

  3. Use a mini exercise bike – If you can’t walk and move around very much, use this bike to increase your blood circulation. Put it on the table and exercise your arms or put it on the floor to exercise your legs. This video shows you how it works.

  4. Dance to music – Just move your body however you want. Play your own favorite piece of music. Google: Happy Pharell Williams + your city name for a fun dance along song. Or try An African Dance Workout at AfriFitness. For lower intensity, sit in a chair and march with your legs and move your arms to the music with Paul Eugene. If you use a wheelchair try this 10 minute wheelchair exercise routine.

  5. Use an elliptical machine – It’s easy on sore joints. You feel like you are running mid-air. It combines upper and lower body muscle work, so you burn more calories. Try this 20-minute elliptical HIIT workout HIIT stands for high-intensity interval training so you have short spurts of high intensity followed by slower exercise.

  6. Chair tai chi or seated poling– Did you know that if you are waiting to get a hip or knee replacement that chair tai chi is a low-pain way to help you strengthen muscles around your joints. Use Nordic walking poles while seated: Dynamic Exercises with Poles! You will be more fit when you go into your surgery and you will recover faster afterwards.

  7. Do an exercise routine at home – Try this Plus Size Workout Video or 15-minute Sample Workout for Older Adults from Go4Life.

Always consult with your doctor about the safety of a new exercise that increases your intensity. Muscle injury can occur if you do too much without warming up and pacing yourself. Use common sense!

The Complete Diabetes Guide has a comprehensive chapter on diabetes and exercise, and includes an easy exercise programs for three different fitness levels.

Our Diabetes Books are sold at all bookstores and online.

In the comments please share what is your favorite exercise video? How have you noticed exercise improves your blood sugar?

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